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Newtown, Connecticut (CNN) -- Dressed in black fatigues and a military vest, a heavily armed man walked into a Connecticut elementary school Friday and opened fire, shattering the quiet of this southern New England town and leaving the nation reeling at the number of young lives lost.

Within minutes, 26 people were dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School -- 20 of them children. Among the six adults killed were Dawn Hochsprung, the school's beloved principal, and school psychologist Mary Sherlach.

The shooter, identified by three law enforcement officials as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, also was killed, apparently by his own hand. Separately, his mother's body was found at a Newtown residence.

"Stuff like this does not happen in Newtown," a tight-knit community of about 27,000 just outside Danbury, said Renee Burn, a local teacher at another school in town. In the past 10 years, only one homicide had previously been reported.

With the death toll at 26, the Newtown shooting is the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, behind only the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech that left 32 people dead.

"Evil visited this community today," Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy said of Friday's massacre.

How do we stop the violence?

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Posters are signed by both artist and run for a limited time.

If you are interested in the purchase of an original painting I can be reached through the info listed below. 

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If My Sense was Common
U Wouldn't Have 2 Read


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                                                             REBEL X SIENIDE OCCUPY WALLS
Mural artists REBEL and SIENIDE take it to to the streets and occupy walls in protest of the new condo site which is in the world-famous graffiti mecca 5POINTZ in Queens NY. 

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The National Hispanic Heritage Commission In Association with Sienide & La Sala 78 Cafe Present

Artist Portraits Illustrated by SIENIDE painted in Coffee for a prequel exhibition titled NOT YOUR AVERAGE JOE.  Sienide will be painting live @ LA SALA CAFE 78 where some of this series painting will be unveiled.
Saturday September 24 @ 10pm
La Sala Cafe 78

Artist Featured
"Quitate Tu Pa' Ponerme Yo"

For decades, Johnny Pacheco has been at the center of the Latin music universe. His nine Grammy nominations, ten Gold records and numerous awards pay tribute to his creative talent as composer, arranger, bandleader, and producer. Moreover, he is the pioneer of an unforgettable musical era that changed the face of tropical music history, the Fania All-Stars era.
 Throughout his 40-year involvement with the development of Latin music, Johnny Pacheco has received many kudos for his extraordinary genius. In November of 1998, he was inducted into the International Latin Music Hall of Fame. In 1997, he was the recipient of the Bobby Capo' Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded by Governor George Pataki. In 1996 the president of the Dominican Republic, Juaquin Balaguer bestowed him with the prestigious Presidential Medal of Honor. In addition, Pacheco was presented with the First International Dominican Artist Award from the distinguished Casandra Awards. In June 1996, Johnny Pacheco was the first Latin music producer to receive the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) Governor's Award in New York City.

El Rey de la Puntualidad. Coffee on Archers 11 x 14.  SIENIDE.

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 New Coffee Series By S I E N I D E
Exhibiting Soon In a SALA near You.
Artist Featured in Upcoming Exhibition


" What sets me apart from the average joe is that I celebrate the beauty and culture of my community through various forms of artistic expression... that was deep. Lol. You can print the "that was deep" if you want. Lol." 

Flaco Navaja is a poet, singer, actor, comedian and activist who was born and raised in the Bronx. Over the past 7 years he has performed his poetry internationally and at various universities all over the country. Flaco is the host of All That! Hip Hop Poetry & Jazz, the legendary open mic and makes people laugh with the comedy troupe Nuyorican Rule at the Nuyorican Poets Café. Flaco is currently touring with the Tony award winning Russell Simon's DEF POETRY JAM and has also appeared twice on the HBO series. His theatre credits include SLANGUAGE (Written by UNIVERSES and directed by Jo Bonney), Ben Snider's TEA at The Hip Hop Theater Fest, MOMMA'S BOYZ by Candido Tirado, NOW AND THEN by Michael J Garcez. His singing credits include YERBABUENA, NY's Premier bomba plena group, as well as guest appearances with THE LATIN JAZZ COALITION, THE NICKY MARRERO ALL STARS and others. He is a featured actor in the film ON THE OUTS which is nominated for two IFC SPIRIT AWARDS.

FLACO NAVAJA!/Flaconavaja


Artist Featured in Upcoming Exhibition

  • Bio

     What sets you Apart from the Average Joe?

    "Simply put I was the first person to document all 5 elements of Hip Hop for over 3 decades. And during that time I became one of the elite members of the 5th Element and won the Tribeca Film Festival for a documentary on my work where Afrika Bambaataa called me the 6th Element of Hip Hop ("The Other Side of Hip Hop" available at

    Author of Who Shot Ya? - Three Decades of Hip Hop Photography (Harper Collins 2002 - ISBN 0-06-621168-9). Regarded by most to be the premier 'Hip-Hop photographer in America', Paniccioli first made his foray into the culture in 1973 when he began capturing the ever-present graffiti art dominating New York City. Armed with a 35-millimeter camera, Paniccioli has recorded the entire evolution of Hip Hop. Much in the same way Gordon Parks recorded the Civil Rights Movement, or akin to the manner in which James Van Der Zee, the documentary photographer of Harlem in the 1920s, met the energy and spirit of the times head-on with his picture-making. And like Edward S. Curtis’ monumental prints of the Native peoples of North America, himself a Native American, has found a beauty and resiliency in a community often ignored by mainstream society

    From Grandmaster Flash at the Roxy (a popular Manhattan nightclub of the late 70’s and early 1980s), to the athletic moves of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, to the fresh faces of Queen Latifah, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, and Lauren Hill. Paniccioli has been in the forefront documenting the greatest cultural movement since Rock and Roll in the 1950s. A true renaissance man, Paniccioli is also a painter, public speaker, and historian. He has also photographed a number of popular figures beyond Hip Hop, such as Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, and John F. Kennedy, Jr.; Britney Spears; and Ricky Martin, to name a few.


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Artist Featured in Upcoming Exhibition


"What sets me apart from the Average Joe is my pursuit to accomplish beyond average goals."

De la Luz who is a mother of two children, taught a workshop called "How can I change the World" for the East Harlem Tutorial Program and is currently teaching a writing workshop called Write Your Way representing Voices UnBroken (an organization of which she is a board member), YAFFA, and her own organization, Latinas 4 Life. During her spare time she enjoys singing, dancing and traveling to Puerto Rico. She appears as a spokes model for Levis Jean's in a nationwide print campaign that runs in Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, US Weekly and Marie Claire magazines. In 2005 De la Luz was selected by the New York Spanish language newspaper El Diario/La Prensa as one of the 50 most distinguished Latinas in the United States

LA BRUJA!/labrujanyc